Mandawa: A Land of Havelis and Open Art- Gallery

Even though, someone may get confused from its number of names like, Mandu- ki- Dhani, Mandu- ka- Bas, Manduwa or Manduwas; nevertheless, you can just call it Mandawa; a simple and plain name to love for.

It is an emerging tourist city of the country, which has plethora of royal havelis within its boundary. In fact, you can even find havelis all across you or just within the walk of a few feet.

The most popular among all can be said the Mandawa Fort, which is a medieval fort, decked up with pulchritudinous and enchanting art, paintings, and frescos. The intricate work of carving on the walls of the fort just makes this fort an exemplar. Sometime, this art- work can leave you speechless, while sometime you will just feel to fill its beauty in your eyes, so that you can remember like a cherished dream.

Apart from that, Goenka Haveli, Jhunjhunwala Haveli are some other magnificent places to visit.

What to see in Mandawa:

Mandawa has multifarious of havelis to explore. The havelis, which will leave you stunned, are the integral part of Mandawa’s travel.

• Murmuria Haveli
• Jhunjhunwala Haveli
• GulabRaiLadia Haveli
• GoenkaChhatri
• Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli
• BinsidharNewatia Haveli
• Mandawa Fort
• Thakurji Temple

How to Reach Mandawa:

Mandawa is a well- connected town from various cities. Hence, you can arrive through various modes via connecting or direct methods:

By Road: A proper connected city, Mandawa is reachable from Rajasthan Roadways buses and various private luxury buses.

By Rail: Jhunjhunu Railway Station is the nearest one to reach Mandawa. Cities like, Sariska, Jaipur, Delhi have trains for this station. From here, you can taxi to move ahead further.

By Air: To reach Mandawa, one needs to take flight for Jaipur International Airport, which is approx. 170 Kilometres away from the town. For Jaipur, you can take flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune Hyderabad, and Kolkata or even from international cities like, Muscat. After arrival at the airport, take taxi for Mandawa. It will take approx. 3 hours more to reach the town.