Jaisalmer: The Sand Land with Golden Days & Night

Also known as “The Golden City”, Jaisalmer is one of the most loved and the visited cities of India. It is the city, where you can have a true desert safari experience in royal manner. It is a place, where you can get a chance to explore a tradition that is fondly loved by millions.

Jaisalmer is all about ravishing desert safaris, night stay in open camps, an odyssey to the golden land and off course, exploration to various royal forts and palaces. A popular place, Jaisalmer Fort located in the town, is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So, you can easily surmise the unmatched beauty of the town that is going to just allure you.

Amazing places to visit in Jaisalmer:

At one place, where there are world heritage sites like, Jaisalmer Fort, then at other place, there are places like Sam sand Dunes; means you have a lot to explore in Jaisalmer. At there, you can visit:

• Jaisalmer Fort
• Patwon Ki Haveli
• Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum
• Nathmalji Ki Haveli
• Loduvura Temple
• Gad Sisar Lake
• Sam Sand Dunes
• Khuri Sand Dunes
• Jain Temples

How to reach Jaisalmer:

By Road: Accessibility to Jaisalmer is quite easy and affordable. From various cities, you can easily reach to this sandy town. Nevertheless, taking road for a long journey can be a bit tiring; hence, it is advisable to have break- journey for long distances, yet, you can reach via road from nearer cities.

By Rail: Jaisalmer Railways Station is the category 3 stations having connections with various cities of the country. Trains from various cities run and arrive at Jaisalmer. For cities like, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, you can easily reach to Jaisalmer.

By Air: Even though, there is an airport in Jaisalmer, but that is primarily used for military purposes and for civilians, only supports charted flights, which is rarely used. Hence, the other nearest airport to the town is at Jodhpur at the distance of 285 Kilometres. It is the most popular communication medium, which has plethora of flights to and from various cities like, Delhi.