Sariska: A Home of Wildlife

Sariska Tiger Reserve is a National Park located in the range of Aravalli Hills at Alwar district. Sariska is one of the most popular and reputed wildlife parks of India offering an exemplary view of diversified flora and fauna.

During 1971, when government of India launched the Project Tiger to protect them, this park was also included in the list of making a Tiger Reserve. Since, then this park has been doing a marvellous work to protect them. In fact, not only tigers, but Sariska National Park is also a home to number of other endangered species.

While in your adventurous trip to Sariska, you will have diversified species of wildlife to explore. Here, you can watch tigers, spotted deer, blue bull, leopard, four- horned antelope, Sambar and many more others.

What You Can See at Park:

While you are enjoying the jeep safari at park, you may come across Indian tigers on your way, or you can also see some herds of deer going to drink water or playing. Various animals that you can see there include:

• Tigers
• Golden- Backed Woodpeckers
• Four- Horned Antelopes
• Rhesus Macaque
• Hyena
• Chital
• Leopard
• Jungle Cats
• Peafowl
• Nilgai and many more

Places to Visit in Sariska:

Apart from exploring the wildlife enrichment at Sariska, there are a few places as well, which you can visit in there:

• Kankawadi Fort
• Hanuman Temple

Best Time to Visit Sariska:

The ultimate time to explore the park is between September and April. The park is open from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM. You can also explore the park through jeep safari.

How to Reach Sariska:

Sariska is properly connected from various major cities of the country:

By Road: From cities like, Delhi, and Jaipur, you can take buses to reach Sariska passing via Alwar.

By Rail: Alwar is the closest railway station 35 Kilometres away to Sariska. From railway station, you can take bus or taxi to reach Sariska.

By Air: Jaipur Airport at the distance of 180 Kilometres is the nearest airport to Sariska. From there, you can take buses or taxi to reach Sariska.