Kolkata:An Anglo- Indian City

Nestled on the bank of River Hoogly, Kolkata is one of the most adorable cities of India, which is not only culturally, naturally, but also historically sound. Carrying a great history behind its name, Kolkata is known by various other names like, “Cultural Capital of India”, “City of Processions” and many more.

Some Interesting Facts of Kolkata:

•The literal meaning of Kolkata is “Field or Area of Kali (Goddess Kali)”
• It is probably the only metro city of country, where you can find the human- drawn carriage.
• It isthe only city, where trams are still running. Electric trams at Kolkata are the oldest network of India,initiated in the year 1902.
    In fact,trams are an important communication network for commuters within the city.
• Kolkata has the oldest operating port of India.
• Kolkata is also known as the “Intellectual City of India”.

What to See at Kolkata:

The City of Joy has definitely number of amazing places to explore out and bring joy in your life. Out of them, a few are given below:

• Dakshineshwar Temple
• Belur Math Temple
• Victoria Memorial
• Botanical Gardens
• Science City
• Eden Gardens
• Kalighat Kali Temple
• Indian Museum
• Marble Palace
• Howrah Bridge

Best time to Visit Kolkata:

Ideal time to explore Kolkata city is between October and March.

How to Reach Kolkata:

By Road:NH 2 and NH 6 are two major national roads, which connect Kolkata with various major cities and Kolkata is easily reachable via roads.

By Rail:The capital city of West Bengal and also one of the four Metro Cities, Kolkata has its own 2 big railways station, which connect
number of cities to Kolkata. You can easily reach to Kolkata from other cities like, Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati, Chennai, Kanpur, Lucknow, etc.

By Air:Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is the major airport of Kolkata. There are number of regular flights for and from Kolkata to various national and international cities like, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangkok, etc. it is approx. 17 Kilometres away from the main city and there are many taxi and bus services for the city.