Jodhpur: A Poem of Love with Blue

A city all painted in Blue, Jodhpur is definitely one of the most beautiful cities of world. It is the city, which is the home of a ravishing hill- fort; Mehrangarh Fort. When, you see the old city from the fort you can easily find the rooftops of home painted in blue. Undoubtedly, from there, you can get the ultimate glimpse of city that instantly prompt you to fall in love with it.

Apart from that, Jodhpur is also popular for its giant fort Mehrangarh Fort, white- marbled JaswantThada and lavish palace called, Ummaid Bhawan Palace. Jodhpur is one of those cities of Rajasthan, where you can experience the ultimate blend of culture with modern era.

Here, at one place, you can get to see giant and lofty forts like, Mehrangarh whereas, on the other side, you can find number of educational and research institute, which makes the city as one of the technically advanced cities.

Amazing Place to Visit at Jodhpur:

There are number of things to explore in Jodhpur, out of them Mehrangarh Fort can be placed at the top priority. Apart from that, there are many others to explore like:

• Mehrangarh Fort
• JaswantThada
• Ummaid Bhawan Palace
• Udai Mandir
• Maha Mandir
• Mandore Garden
• Machia Safari Park
• GhantaGhar

How to Reach Jodhpur:

By Road: Jodhpur is well connected with the cities like, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Ujjain, and Agra. You can use any mode like private buses, taxis, or public buses to reach Jodhpur. This Blue City is properly connected to other cities. Various National and State Highways pass through the cities, out of which, a few are: NH-62, NH-112, 114, SH-19, 21, 58, 61, 62, 63, 68, etc. Hence, from plethora of major cities, you can easily reach Jodhpur.

By Rail: The North- Western Headquarter of Railways, Jodhpur is properly connected with various cities of India. There are number of express, superfast, Rajdhani trains for Jodhpur.

By Air: The major connection with Jodhpur through air is Jodhpur Airport. There are regular flights from cities like, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.