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Bihar's antiquityand magnificence can be seen from its name, which is derived from the old word "VIHARA" ( religious community ). It is without doubt a place where there are religious communities. Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Muslim and Sikh shrines possess large amounts of this antiquated area where India's first real realms developed and fell. Where the remains of the universes' most punctual college sleeps in the void of time. The section of Ganga, streaming wide and profound advances the fields of Bihar before dispersing in Bengal's deltoid zone.

Packages for Bihar Tours

Bihar Tours

Among all Indian states, Bihar is the one connected closely to Buddha's life, bringing about a trail of journeys which have come to be known as the Buddhist circuit. The Buddhist trail starts at the capital city, Patna, where a vital exhibition hall contains an accumulation of Hindu and Buddhist figures and a terracotta urn said to contain the fiery debris of Lord Buddha.

The innumerable stupas and pillars built by the Great Emperor Ashoka leave the spectator spellbound with its refined aesthetics. Domestic India Tours creates a magical experience for you when you plan your visit to Bihar with tour packages that not only include exploration of the historical dynasty, but also take you through the scenic locations of the city.